We believe in internship as a university and experience requirement

Internship is not for Just

We are a social innovation and entrepreneurship hub. We have a well multifaceted and core team in Startups and Information Technology.

We are recruiting interns and they should expect to learn how organisations operate particularly startups, How ICT is major to them, workplace culture and how they play a big role in ones career, practice of theory obtained from school with company duties, mentorship and training sessions, co-curricular activities for indoor games meant to relax from daily tiresome activities,

Some particular students pursuing course related to Programming will be given an online course and will use the content to develop a project. We also need them pay up a facilitation fee of 100,000 Uganda shillings to facilitate their learning.

This program is a comprehensive one. Reporting for work will be Every day, Monday to Friday, 9:00pm to 5pm for One and Half months. this making us have two corhorts. Mid-May to Late June and Then Mid-June to Early August.

We are Located in Ntinda Najim Mall, 6th Floor and Any applicants can use the Address this to apply. First Fortune Ltd, P.O.Box, 18 Ntinda, Kampala Uganda.

We need an Institution recommendation letter for students and post student level, An application letter showing the career one pursued.

We around 15 slots are remaining for 15 students.

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