Why the Fortnyt Series Program?

The high risk of failure is attributed to inexperienced approaches to business. Ref…… Every entrepreneur can effortlessly visualize the success trajectory of startup, but harsh truth is that the success probability of startup is 1/10 i.e. 9 out of 10 startups fail. This is why TechBuzz Hub Championed the world class program called the Fortnyt Series _ an Experiencial Learning Platform.

Fortnyt Series are progressively structured Q&A discussions between the experienced teams of panelists and the audience in startups or waiving their way to startup. They begin from Business Environment, to idea Conception, to Startup Management and finally to Revenue Generation. It is just wow!

It is open to all interested participants yet of a free pass for attendance and participation. Our only wish (as program directors) is attention and a reflective mind during and after the session.

These series run or feature every after Fourteen (14) days thus the name Fortnyt Series.

We believe and trust in the expertise of Managers, Directors, Consultants and Individuals that we invite as panelists. That is why we can exclusively provide you rights to do due diligence as the aftermath article publications content itself speaks the diligence.

The Pilot test for this program was done through the period of September 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017 and has produced the best results you could ever imagine.

It managed to host over Twenty (20) panelists with in six (6) series of events Last year. These panelists were outsourced from reputable startup companies and established ones among which include; Icon Group, Staircase Consult, TAComminications, Bitelex Advocates, Trend systems East Africa, SafeBoda, ThinVoid, Ensibuuko, Kalabash Studios Africa, Success Africa, World of Inspiration, Inspired Leaders International, First Fortune Company Ltd, Educate! TechBuzz Hub yet always the host, Etc.

These events have so far attracted a physical audience of over 200 participants during the live series events and thousands online audience across economies following our online publications.

The content from these series were and are bound to publication always and here included are the Events of last year respectively.,, We wish you a testimonial understanding!

As you may have or have not revised through the links, this program events was regarded rated very highly from both parties (Panelists and the Audience) thus successful. Here are a sample testimonies; “What I have found here is real, people set up platforms for rich kids claiming they are doing work to create an impact and yet in actual sense they are not doing anything. The people I have found  are more real openly sharing their ideas and stories, keep it real don’t lose this originality because the change we want to see is in a lay man” says Mr. Lungaho James Wire Business Consultant and Panelist

Coming here I didn’t have much expectations but I thought they will  be discussing issues related to technology and innovation but what I have found here has challenged my expectations, whatever I have heard deals with our ecosystem” says Mr. Kyambadde Peter a student of Engineering at Makerere  University

Hope to see you reap the best out of this program _ a new era of grooming, inspiring, motivating, creating and empowering entrepreneurs and innovators.


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