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Membership – TechBuzzHub


Membership means performing better. Becoming a TechBuzz Member gives you unique access to a superb package of benefits and practical tools to make the most of the standards you use.

We believe in the power of membership and the impact you have on society. We focus on your needs so that you can focus on what matters most, your mission.

Only TechBuzz offers a complete, robust platform of solutions that drive association growth, engagement, professional development.

Select a package and register

To become a proud member of TechBuzzHub: Enabling employment for development

TechBuzz Hub uses an impressive startups incubation model. From training the startups in capacity building where we harness developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that these startups need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world.

We therefore indebtedly believe that were the right partners that you ought get be part of your journey to success.

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Co-working at the hub gives you a chance to interact, share and grow from the multi-disciplinary teams, individuals, networks and human resource both working and serving at the hub.

Co-working at the same time, gives you an opportunity to identify partners that you’ve been looking for your next dream company. Among them are; implementation partners, founding partners and the support team.[wpforms id=”1437″ description=”true”]

Innovation is what we are and our role is the ecosystem.

Much as we identify innovators to work with, there are always self-driven individuals who want to have numerous problems solved.

We look out and believe that these kinds of individuals are even what make up our DNA to day. They come in and the exit,[wpforms id=”1425″ description=”true”]

Give your time to help with our work to all those who need us. You’ll need to be the kind of person who: has attained college/university education and support work, can communicate.

Must be one that can engage people, good at building relationships, remains calm and reassuring in stressful situations , copes with distressing information appropriately, has basic skills.[wpforms id=”1426″ description=”true”]

We work with software developers to write computer programs in diverse programming languages. A lot of our partners have and get a number of projects to that require support of diverse team of developers.

If interested in working with TechBuzz Hub, we only believe this when you take a step, that is; contacting us so we can know about you. We are open for any discussions[wpforms id=”1427″ description=”true”]

The Mentoring Program is designed to have trained mentors; guide, support and inspire participants. The goal of the mentors will be to help all participants develop the attitudes and skills needed to become successful in their personal and professional lives.

The Mentoring Program seeks to empower individuals to make better life choices and overcome personal and employment barriers that will enable them to succeed.[wpforms id=”1428″ description=”true”]

In bid to grow startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and SME’s capacity in business, coaches’ role need to come into play.

We are looking for coaches to assist in optimizing business goals and persons involved through series of proven strategies, ultimately moving the entity towards mutually agreed upon goals.

Also, help grow their business through professional and personal development, which promotes continuous growth and strength. As well, brainstorming to create and implement strong business and marketing plans[wpforms id=”1429″ description=”true”]

We believe in the work of experts. Their professional and market understanding of the applicable concepts make us feel your significance.

We wish to have on board experts in Business modeling, Finance, Risk management, Fundraising, intellectual property, Branding, Marketing and sales Customer experience, Design thinking, Investments and Monetization[wpforms id=”1430″ description=”true”]

In an age of economic uncertainty and money market volatility, we believe that investors are looking for straightforward value propositions that they can trust delivering reliable returns without undue risk.

At TechBuzz, we have developed a simple and attractive investment model that you can rely on for your capital investments.[wpforms id=”1431″ description=”true”]

Advisors have access to TechBuzz’s wide array of methods for delivering advice. Whether one-on-one conversations by phone or online chat, or group advice given during session.

We believe in tailored guidance and thought leadership from our advisors that demonstrate and differentiate their expertise be it financial, technical to mention but a few.[wpforms id=”1432″ description=”true”]

Our environment and ecosystem through which TechBuzz Hub operates is tamed to give our partners a win-win relationship. This relationship is two-way. You identify us and as well may identify you. This is because we so much believe in partnerships and collaborations for a visible and continuous impact.

To align with our partners’ business goals and resources, the hub offers multiple ways for partnering with us.[wpforms id=”1738″ description=”true”]

Co-working office space for. Ugx 100,000 per month!
Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM!
Host entrepreneurs, technology experts and business icons!
Host small group seminars for training or internal discussion.
Among our goals; Creating value for the ever growing time spent on social media, A dedicated hour for active engagement on social media between 12:00pm-1/2:00pm
We always have open mentorship and training hour every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We make presentations targeting to better our skills and interact 4:00pm.
As for the need to network. Simple basic activities like chess, computer games FUFA you know! cards, guitar, etc to refresh our brains. Tuesday & Thursday evenings
We believe that with your own experience, you cannot hesitate to recommend your friends or network. Get some time and check our our space and feel the great view!