We identify, nurture and support entrepreneurs, innovators and workforce  


The Hub offers the opportunity to help one another develop through collaboration


We carry out state of the art and tamed startups’ training, facilitation and among others


We have meetups Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. These are meant for creating a force of demand for one’s Life Goals, Personal Responsibility, Progress


We have a forum that runs weekly where we host small and big entrepreneurs, technology experts and business icons to share both their good and challenging experiences

Co-working space

We currently have co-working space of over 15 startups. However, we are undertaking a step to obtain more space that will extend to having private offices

Social Media Hour

With our goal of creating value for our time with ever changing technology, on a daily basis, we have a dedicated hour for active engagement on social media. This is between 12:00pm-1:00pm extendable to 2:00pm

Mentorship Hour

We always have open mentorship and training hour every Monday Wednesday and Friday where we have different presentations targeting to better our skills and interact 4:00pm.

Indoor Games Hour

As for the need to network. we have simple and basic games like chess, computer games FUFA you know! Cards, guitar just all meant to refresh our brains. timings normally Tuesdays and Thurdays evening