Our core team is a multifaceted of qualitative and quantitative Innovators, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Ideators, Designers, Programmers, venture capitalists, scientists, Engineers Leaders and Managers engineers. Our partners and clients are what makes us feel the best in us and we rely on each other for a win-win benefit. They include, First Fortune Company Limited, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Webhubs, Hostgator, Smsone Ltd.


Techbuzz Hub Research conducts qualitative and quantitative studies on business and management, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the intersection between governance and technology in Uganda and Africa. Through our work, we seek to:

• To help starters/entrepreneurs to understand the definitive principles that underlie a success dedicated business or investment.

• Identify new opportunities for that interlink between business and Technology Continue Reading  

Started in 2016, Techbuzz Hub Consulting aims to meet the business and technology needs of startups and organization’s by tapping into the immense talent pool that Techbuzz Hub’s diverse community of Ideators, trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, investors, clients, innovators, project majors, developers, designers and governmental and private partners — provides. We realized early on that it was not enough for the Techbuzz Hub to bring these people together in one co-working space Continue Reading 


We have forums that run weekly! Most of them have an attachment of media production. We host small and big entrepreneurs and business men that share their stories behind their great achievements. Talks, Discussions, Questions and later continuous conversations online and phone calls is what makes it more exciting and feels of relevancy. It is through such stories that our entrepreneurs pick inspiration, motivation and zeal to work extra hard irrespective of the obvious business challenges. Forums are sometimes held with themes intended to develop and fine-tune people, product and processes that entrepreneurs use especially in startups for a reliable journey in business and life Excellency. FIND OUT MORE! 

Meetups are meant to test and remind people in our different teams about their Life Goals, Personal Responsibility, Progress and above all is an Accountability Mechanism. In these Meetups, We have sessions like Brainstorming, Progress Reporting, Advising, Mentoring, and Educating. We at TechBuzz Hub believe that, when people of same mindset meet, they can do things beyond individual belief. FIND OUT MORE!