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Offices: Reap prices Even with a (9-5) Job, Weekend slots available

Comes with internet, furniture, address, Boardroom, offisar, 50% discounts of other direct services TRAINING + MENTORSHIP

What we Do

The work culture today is different. Coworking space is perfect for individuals looking for a place to work or a group collaborating on a project.

We’ll provide a perfect opportunity for forming symbiotic business relationships and networking. You’ll be able to meet people from diverse backgrounds, discuss new ideas, and collaborate with free thinkers from different industries.And we have programs including;


  •  Offisar remote spaces
  • Affordable physical workspaces

At the core of our work

Is prioritization of knowledge and understanding of our areas of play. Our promise is work delivered with the highest of creativity, innovation and excellency


Did you know, 90% of formally educated & employed Ugandans wish to start their own business? Be part of the change-makers, disrupters, and innovators.

We believe that you belong to this category, and it’s time to begin preparing for that big dream while still in active employment. Would you like to find out how?

Startup Companies

95% of available capital is for early growth startups yet 85% of startups are still not ready to tap into it.

To help you give visibility to your startup and attract right support partners – we’ll come in to incubate and accelerate your potential to access resources that will elevate your growth opportunities

Young Professionals

When you are starting up, you need the best people on your team – training this team to fit your ideal employee takes time and resources that you don’t have at the moment.

This is why we bring you a competitive and intensively trained pool of young professionals for your talent sourcing needs.


Did you know, 90% of successful entrepreneurs indebt their success as a result of input from mentors? The billionaire; Bill Gates was mentored by investment mogul Warren Buffet.

For that reason, we’ve put together a network of trained and qualified mentors from almost all sectors, and you have the power to choose your best fit.


It's now been Three (3) years of supporting Graduates fit employment

TechBuzz Hub is one of the best, when they say hubs, inspiring startups, there is teamwork, hard work, people work upto midnight, can you imagine, midnight is what I am talking about.

Peter Bampeire

Optibrave Digital

Working environment is so conducive. Thanks for hosting us. We will be working with you on Monday again

Shiba Asiimwe

Alcom Perfection

Real prices for real startups. Love it

Kenjoy Masika

Staircase Consults



+256 392 138 358


Plot 668, Kayondo Road


Mon – Sun: 7AM – 9PM
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