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Career opportunities

Business Modeling Trainer

This training is designed for entrepreneurs and startup founders, product managers, marketing managers, business consultants, business and management students to  build competitive business models for their businesses. This ultimately helps them to develop and grow extremely first. We will cover the business model generation, business model canvas and various samples of business models.

Digital Marketing Trainer

Digital Marketing training is critical in doing business today. It is a key area that creates great competitive advantage for entrepreneurs and businesses from their competition. It involves learning how the internet, major marketing channels and its different platforms can help you reach your customers quite easily. And with this course, you shall learn a step by step way to market businesses online from scratch.

Roadmap & Strategy Dev't Trainer

Roadmap and strategy are organizations major tools for work and a guiding star document for growth, scale and development.This training shall provide you with the tools and skills, strategic planning frameworks, pillars of strategy, execution, analysis, formulation and implementation to be able to develop or facilitate this process.

Project Management Trainer

This training provides participants with a thorough overview of best practices in the field of project management and teaches hands-on project management techniques. This training further delivers a blended learning experience providing participants access to content that cover relevant project management theory and life cycles of projects.

Business Planning & Proposal Writing Trainer

Business planning is a critical aspect of idea and business development. And with this training, you learn skills for business ideas development, creating plans and business planning facilitation, strategizing and blending the aspects of fundraising through the same business plan documents.

Graphics Designing Trainer

In this training, you will acquire comprehensive skills and knowledge to emerge as a top notch graphics designer. Not only do you learn graphics but also the branding cycle that affects design and artworks. This intensive practical training aims at grooming learners with high end competitive design skills.

Computer Applications (Basic & Advanced) Trainer

Computer applications training is one of a kind that today’s workforce must empower themselves with. It provides competence in the use of computer and computer applications in an office, business or personal computing setting. The training covers microsoft/google applications, troubleshooting, introduction to the internet and computer systems and applications software.

Financial Projections Trainer

Financial Projections training is a basic important part of your startup business. Whereas starting a business, for most people heavily requires tools like business plans and proposals, It is equally very important to have your financial projections properly analyzed to show aspirations of the business, your understanding of the drivers of profits and growth and your understanding of the drivers of ROI for investors.

Workforce Training Coaching & Mentoring Trainer

It is argued that 70% of onboarding graduates to work don’t still understand what to do by the end of their first three (3)months! And the 30% cannot accomplish tasks without close supervision. On the contrary, employees value learning and development opportunities, so it’s no surprise that workers are more likely to stay at companies that invest in their continued education. We therefore help run programs of this kind.

Website Designing Trainer

Website designing and development is a heavily sought out skill and competence by organizations and individuals who would like to keep a great reputation online with an Interactive, vibrant, functional website. It both tackles the backend and front end aspects but also some content management systems like wordpress, etc. With the 21st century being technology biased, this might be a skill you may need to interest yourselves into.



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