Ugandan startups have an overwhelming potential that you may not know! Startups are capable of creating over 60,000 jobs every year which is over six (6) times the potential that government may have. But surprisingly, is the most marginalized sector of business in this economy.

According to Small Biz Trends 2019 report, 90% of startups fail. This statistic considers a global coverage and becomes worse when we are to consider Uganda in particular. It further reports that four major causes are; incompetence, lack of experience in line of goods and services and personal problems of founders.

But on the other hand states other four characteristics of startups that succeed as; Access to mentors, Founders persistence, Solution disruptiveness and appropriateness to the market. However from the general perspective, three main causes are; Lack of business development services, lack of startup financing and inappropriateness of technology adoption.

That is why we created THE STARTUP EXPERIENCE! The product that addresses all issues affecting and leading to the high rate of startup failure. What is quite disruptive is; it addresses these issues NOT to government, NOT to ministries, NOT to societies but rather to the vulnerable entrepreneurs in their startups.



Have you ever imagined how it would be like having an all seasons mentor! A mentor you do not worry paying as much (in fact. Just an equivalent of a lunch at a nice Kampala Hotel). A mentor who answers possibly all startup development questions by just a flip a page!

The publication provides for questions and worries entrepreneurs find and feel curious about thus the need for this tested and tried knowledge regarding; initiating, sustaining and scaling startup businesses. This ultimately improves business survival, for the entrepreneurs and the country’s economy.

For all the presales questions that you have about the product, we welcome them and below the adjacent graphic is the bookings and inquiries guideline. But in a nut-shell, TechBuzz Hub is an organization of great reputation, excellent client management and highly value work relationship. It is therefore upon this that you can be sure, our service to our clients is up to and even beyond ones expectation. That we guarantee and so is the same we give for your PRESALES book copy(s) ORDER.

And here we refer to questions like; how much is 30% equivalent to? How can I get my copy? Where do I pay it to (bank account, Mobile money, Cash)? When will I receive my copy? What date will the product be out? Why is the product cheap or expensive? Who is/are the author(s)? What do you mean by all seasons mentor? What credibility do you have to publish such material? How will you track my payment when made? Etc.



This experience product is based on a program called “The Fortnyt Series;” that hosts experienced and professional practitioners to share their experience in an organised Question and Answer guided panel moderation.

The uniqueness of this program is its structure. The a gradual process; from inception to Sustainability to growth/ scale-ability.

The experience therefore combines both experiential ground breaking knowledge, applied academic principles and findings to demonstrate resourcefulness of the different target users/readers towards unfailing the would be, mentoring entrepreneurs through the journey, managing innovation, raising an business idea and rejuvenating inspiration.

It is being released in three series; Startup Inception, Startup Sustainability and Startup Growth and Scale. However, each series has over eight Fortnyt series sessions, over twenty five (25) professional practitioner contributors, 40 target groups/market reviewers. all looking forward to giving you leverage into your Startup.

You may have had no better place to find this data, mentorship, support, platform, this is your chance to take the chance!



The best product is that whose journey and process of validation has had several interactions with the experts and final consumer. This ultimately creates an excellent product that meets customers’ needs.

The symposium is among the last events and stages towards getting the experience ready.  This is so because, we believe that such an event will be a signoff/ reliable review of experts and professionals of this field.

The profile of the event guests shall be: The startup owners, entrepreneurs, experts, academia, researchers, the English language experts, content editors, book sellers, writers, publishers, etc.

The outcome of the event shall be indeed a carefully revised, reviewed and studied material ready to cause change in the startup ecosystem scene.



On plan is to have a similarly, complementary cover of the product. The choice of the book cover design matters. We are focused at selecting a cover that manages or matches the brand of this product.

That is why we are planning this event. According to Wikipedia, “the hackthon model is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers and others, often including domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects.” Therefore, following same concept, the target group will be presented to with a problem case on our web and social media platforms so that the interested parties can apply for participation.

We target participants are reliable and passionate people in; User experience design, Graphics design, product design, customer centered design and domain experts (mentors)



The experience has seen a three different kinds of people that make up the team. This team briong together a fully-fledged technical and professional expertise all in one product.

The different categories include;

  1. External experts
  2. Internal workforce
  3. Support Professionals

The first team is mainly the expert practitioners whose knowledge and experience is reliable for a situational analysis of business and startups in our ecosystem. This team is comprised of over 20 practitioners.

Then internal workforce as reflected in the picture is management team and project administrators who have been involved since day one in 2017 to date.

And finally, team support professionals is also a big team. It involves the research team, writers’ team, reviewer startup entrepreneurs and other validation multi-disciplinary experts’ team