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Graphics Design Training FAQ


Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the TechBuzz Hub young entrepreneurs mentoring program.

We encourage that you meet with the mentee at least once a month.

However, as a mentor, meeting with mentees can happen as regularly as you can, as long as you have clear set expectations or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with the mentee.

We can leverage remote platforms especially zoom which has unlimited free hours for two people meeting, or other platforms like, google-meet

You are free to meet in places of your choice (in agreement) as long as they are secure and safe, professional and meet business convenience. We encourage that these places are cost free.

Also, TechBuzz Hub has put in place boardroom and meeting facilities, where such kind of discussions can be done from. If it is a convenient place for the two parties, Feel free to pass a communication through preferably two days or more in advance so that we can put your engagement on schedule


In situations where there are reasons to want to make such a request to change mentee(s), you are requested to send in an email stating your reasons for the need to change a mentee(s)

Mentor – Mentee matching was done based on the limits stated by each mentor in the mentor’s information form that you filled.

But we are going to share your matches before mid of first week of March

We were simply focusing on mentor’s sectors of expertise as shared in the mentor’s information form, to mentees whose businesses fall well into those sectors.

The mentoring program between particular mentees shall run for six (6) months and later we create newer matches. This is to help mentees know that this is a chance they should embrace before it is transferred to the next entrepreneur

Mentors are entitled to a yearly stipend as a form of appreciation. This shall be based on the amount of effort provided towards supporting the respective programs or entrepreneurs as may be assigned time after time.

Also, we shall be sharing mentor-specific opportunities to mentors most of which are further skill acquisition centered, paid mentoring opportunities and Train-a-trainer oriented opportunities and much more

Yes, we shall share access details within the week, given currently, there is a technical issue being dealt with which cannot allow us to share access details.


We shall be only tracking mentorships sessions that took place in each month through a form filled by mentees

The form shall only be asking for when and where the mentoring sessions happened, their rating of the engagement using parameters like; I learned a lot, Scale of 1 to 10, etc.

No personal data/mentor data shall be collected, but we encourage that you share as much as you can to build a fresh and strong breed of Ugandan entrepreneurs together



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