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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the mentoring and training program for entrepreneurs at TechBuzz Hub.

We can leverage remote platforms especially zoom which has unlimited free hours for two people meeting, or other platforms like, google-meet

You are free to meet in places of your choice (in agreement) as long as they are secure and safe, professional and meet business convenience. We encourage that these places are cost free.

Also, TechBuzz Hub has put in place boardroom and meeting facilities, where such kind of discussions can be done from. If it is a convenient place for the two parties, feel free to pass a communication through preferably two days or more in advance so that we can put your engagement on schedule.


Before capital, the entrepreneur needs to prepare themselves and their businesses to be able to manage capital requirements. And this Training and mentoring program is one of those that will equip you with the technical skills of knowing how where and when you can actually get external capital


If you have any connectivity and broadband issues in any period, please, make sure to make an appointment and visit TechBuzz Hub physically to pick your assignments or otherwise so that you do not have to miss work

In situations where there are reasons to want to make such a request to change mentor. you are requested to send in an email stating your reasons for the need to change a mentor.

The mentoring program between a particular mentor shall run for only six (6) months. This therefore is to notify you that; if you do not take the chance and advantage to benefit from your mentor, you shall lose the opportunity after 6 months

The sick person is the one that looks for the doctor. Please, if you do not show the need to have expert opinions of your mentor into your business, you risk losing both the chance and the mentor themselves.

You are only supposed to contact your mentor through the email. The email you sent to them must be professional, well formatted/organized and proofread.

If you would like to contact them through their phone contacts, whether you already know them or not, you must request them through their email to approve that. After they have accepted, be deliberate to make your calls within the appropriate time, preferably between 8:00AM to 6:00PM, unless they ask you to call them at another specific time outside this specified one.

Be keen not to spam the mentors. Do not send more than two emails a week unless you are having an exchange based on his/her responses. In situations where you have an appointment scheduled, remind him as the week begins, then either in the evening following the day when the appointment is scheduled, or that very morning. You can also follow up with a phone call for communication effectiveness where applicable

Your job when meeting a mentor is to listen to the mentor’s advice and share your challenges or experience. Sieving what might work for you is solely your choice.

You are free to share your challenges with other consultants/mentors outside this mentoring relationship, however, you are not allowed to share the IDENTITY (Person’s name) of which mentor or consultant or mentee that shared with you something that; you or they disagree with.. But feel free to give credit/quote advice where it is due especially to mentors/authors/consultants who might have rendered to you insightful tactics.

Note: Avoid rumor mongering.

Within the 9 weeks, we shall have a run through an entrepreneurship training program alongside mentoring. This training is more of an entrepreneur-centered training where we guide and challenge you with practical questions and assignments to be done into your businesses.

The training curriculum shall cover; Problem centric Entrepreneurship, Market Research and Identification, Business Modeling, Pricing Strategy, Products and Services packaging, Team Development and analysis, Financial Management, Capital and Fund Raising and Building strategic networks


The certificate shall be given after successfully completing the training

This is a letter that provides approval of acceptance of a fellow team member(s) to participate into our specific engagement that affects the subject they both share. This waives the organizer of the engagement from being accused of not following protocol of working with the group.
Team based engagements have a strong court voice, which is why such precautions are considered.

In situations where your mentor is not responsive for a whole month, feel free to notify us with an email clearly stating your challenge.


Whether you have a mentor or not, we have a product (The Startup Experience) that you all need to purchase to have more mentorship.

As you know, we are giving you the opportunity to have a mentor, which for most of you is the first time to have such an opportunity, but you can have as many mentors as you can.

Also, feel free to arrange an appointment through our contacts to access mentorship from our premises as long as your mentor feels inactive and not responsive.

The Startup Experience is a rising entrepreneurs manual. It combines applied academic concepts and expert opinions on building a strongly founded startup enterprise. The book has 24 expert mentors and practitioners

This book guides you basing on specific challenges you might be facing time and again into your business only available in physical forms and can be obtained from TechBuzz Hub.

A copy of the book costs sixty thousand Uganda shillings only (60,000)

Yes and No!

You are free to fully engage your team onto the training, However, account access can be limited to only two individuals in your team to avoid situations of messing with your account and you do not know who is responsible for such errors

You shall receive access credentials or a link to get you started with signing up onto one-fortune within this week. So, for now, keep checking your email at least once a day to be sure, you won’t be left behind

Whenever you have a Technical issue with anything during this training, feel free to send an email to our office through; [email protected] or call the numbers: 256 392138358 or 256 702799754


All assignments shall be restricted to the training and mentoring platform. Even when your situation has been assessed and you due to unavoidable circumstances, the in charge decided to send you the assignments through the email, you shall be required to transfer your findings to the training and mentoring system.

This is because your performance shall be evaluated from the system, not anywhere else.

The procedure for signing the MOU was shared onto your email. Please refer to the email with the title; “MOU REVIEW AND SIGNING”. If you can’t see it, then search through your emails using the stated title: MOU REVIEW AND SIGNING

You are guaranteed of utmost confidentiality within our means. The system is secured with Secure Socket layer – an internet based encryption procedure.

However, if your password is not protected from any possible bad people around you or from the machines/gadgets you use, that shall be on your own discretion and responsibility.



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