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Innovation And Creativity

Innovation And Creativity

A core service that provides our clients with training, guidance, advice and information, that will help them better deliver quality products and services!

Innovation And Creativity

We are a true reflection of innovation. We apply new ideas to create value for the startup companies, and processes, services or product lines of other SMEs. We create new ideas through thought led processes of imagination of possibilities and ultimately execute what maximizes efficiency in a select of ideas.

By allowing us to guide the application and implementation of innovation to your enterprise, gives you a competitive advantage over your competition in a better and smarter way of doing what you do, do it best. While we do this; we are mindful of leverage you could have by taking advantage of;

  • New technologies
  • New product lines and segments
  • New methods of production
  • Improvement in the existing product.

Today, it does not matter how long the market has known you for, innovative newly established companies will most definitely challenge you. For any organization that truly embraces innovation, shall surely win just as Thomas Edison, the greatest innovator of all time says; Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

He puts it well enough. So when we are put in charge, together, we turn your creative ideas into efficiently entering the market and yield productivity for your enterprise. A survey of a thousand of executives in the Fortune 500 companies; believe that companies are better at generating ideas than commercializing them with a score of creativity at 60% over innovation.

Every startup needs a good product and market for the product. This is what it needs to scale properly and to do this, it needs five elements; clients, goods and services, the team, the business model and financing.

This is core when we sit next to the dashboard of your business and is core to our existence, to guide you through. Our main goal is to support a startup to take off with a smother sail and ensure that it survives to be financially independent. We nurture startups and entrepreneurs through provision of business support services and networking support access.

Physical infrastructure (office spaces) is another aspect we are innovating around to provide you leverage and for startup entrepreneurs. A host of other intangible benefits you will find in the TechBuzz Hub ecosystem include mentorship, expertise and relevant communities.

However, mentorship is one of a kind that we believe is transformative and the available team of mentors are just ready to work with you until you can register a high growth company. This we hope is what we all need and want.

So, our startup mentorship service provides a unique and highly flexible relationship where more experienced persons/entrepreneurs assist less experienced entrepreneurs in developing their specific skills and knowledge that enhance starters’ professional, business and personal growth.

Our mentors teach and coach on specific skills, facilitate growth through resources and encourage networks sharing to challenge you to live beyond mediocrity and prepare mentees for calculated risk taking and safe environment for total development.

This is what the #StartupExperience, a book we have authored, achieves. No wonder, this is why most leading companies pay tribute to their small beginnings and to an incubator as they play a significant role in assisting its startup phase to begin and thrive through the hurdles.




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