Tough times don’t last but tough people do, two years ago, the headlines along all global news networks was the rocket speed spreading pandemic that saw many industries close down, the fear in the air was evidenced by the empty streets, hallows, corridors market places, empty offices that were once crowded, a time to rethink and recreate our destinies, innovation and invention came to be the new normal.

In a time like this, access to basic needs of humanity like food and water became the benchmark amidst a series of lockdowns, many companies globally, were thrown to the challenge. The food and agribusiness sector were one of the industries that kept operating throughout these tough times.

Sumz food industries and Famunera, are some of the outstanding and known innovative companies to the business and entrepreneur community, and today stands tall and confident while many others in the sector are looking for their exits.    

Without compromising value, quality, and reliability, Sumz food industries, and Famunera, among very many other companies in the food industry and farm inputs companies respectively are  deliberately and consistently delivering to the customer expectations.

Curiously, everyone would love to learn how these two Agricultural value chain Businesses particularly in the agricultural sector have been able to withstand the ravaging tides of pandemic, the repetitive lockdowns, business uncertainties and unpredictable market situations, that our  economy is sailing against up to date.


  • To share key insights adopted from the new normal food service experience
  • To challenge food service practitioners to identify new models for customer oriented service delivery
  • To re-emphasize the effect/impact of branding in business enterprises.

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