As style trends get elusive, our fellow countrymen and women get victimized to the immoral and antisocial acts against the African culture.

Last year, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda signed the Anti-Pornography Bill which tackles on the element of “Mini-Skirts”. This is a big credit to the government for the decisions it makes to protect our African Culture.

However, it is a shame when you see some women and girls half naked especially when you are passing through the streets of the city and universities. That’s when you realize that our culture has been depleted by the western culture.

It may not be intended but Africans have started copying the western lifestyle. Such practices are mostly found among ladies such as botching, breast and hip enhancement, plastic surgery, indecent dressing etc  Not forgetting some men who lower (balance) their trousers, do piercings and get obsessed with body building.

I pity these girls who think wearing mini-skirts and short clothes would attract men. Trust me, no man will ever take such a relationship seriously. No man or woman can ever take their partner serious if he or she doesn’t respectful him or herself.

Integrity comes with good moral principles, grace, elegance, smartness, intelligence, faithfulness, self-control and monitoring, culture morals, education etc.  As Vince Lombard puts it, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch Excellency.” It’s therefore borrowed from this fact that; we just need to struggle to do the best and tattoo respect inside us. It is the greatest key of attracting a serious partner.

I talked to a few ladies on their perception on wearing short skirts.

Joan Nyesiga Jakajex, a student leader and Vice president at UTAMU and Harriet Ayebare, an Administrator at UTAMU all say they are guided by their personal principles. However in this regard, they all agreed that they don’t dress that way to the point of creating insecurity around themselves and to make their partners feel uncomfortable.

The media has continuously played a negative role in promoting these characters in our society. Printing pornographic pic and broadcasting shows/events with such indecent dress codes is compromising our African norms. Editors should ensure video recordings are edited not to negatively impact the audience out there. One big thing we should be mindful about is what we feed our mind on.  

Be careful what you do because you may be influencing many others especially those who look up to you.  Behavior is a person’s observable activity.

However, we can change COPIED/LEARNED behavior especially the antisocial and other behavioral disorders that genes influence including; alcoholism, bipolar disorder, depression, delusions, obesity, schizophrenia etc.

By default, God created us attractive. Therefore let us enhance our attractive nature in a friendly way.